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photographs from spain, france, the u.s.

Barcelona, 2007

Barcelona, 2007

Los Angeles, 2007

Paris, 2007

Los Angeles, 2007

Barcelona, 2007

Cadaques, 2007

New York, 2007

Cambria, California, 2007

Cambria, California, 2007

Carcassonne, France, 2007

Barcelona, 2007

Gambier, Ohio, 2008


Philadelphia, 2008


Nashville, 2008


Princeton, New Jersey, 2008


New York, 2008


D.C., 2008


Nashville, 2008



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July 3, 2008 at 6:59 am

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“Incense,” 2007

I encountered this nun in a temple called Angkor Tom in Cambodia. Angkor Tom is near the renowned massive temple complex, Angkor Wat; it’s like a similar but smaller version of it. Buddhist nuns and priests often sat in the rooms in Angkor Wat and Angkor Tom, lighting incense, praying, selling trinkets. There was something so inherently kind and unassuming about this nun and she struck me as different from the others I met. We smiled at each other–hers a toothless, benevolent one– and she offered us incense but spoke no words.

“A little shade from the sun,” 2007

Tarps covering shoppers at a food market in Vietnam. I thought the colors and shadows the materials made were a rare example of beauty in an heavily industrial setting.

“Orange fingers,” 2007

Carrots in the marketplace.

“Sunday afternoon,” 2007

I met this woman while walking through the streets of Hoi An, a city on the South Central Coast of Vietnam. I loved the wall she sat in front of, her vibrant shirt, her expression. I gestured to my camera, trying to signal that I wanted to take her portrait. She nodded in acknowledgment and then, instead of striking a pose or looking at the camera like most people I encounter do, she resumed her initial expression. There was something so natural and unassuming about her that resonated with me.

“Caged,” 2007

We were invited to see the home of a family who lived in the banks off the Mekong Delta. The family owned cats and birds. They kept these birds in cages against the aging tarp that served as the wall for one side of the house.

“Boats passing,” 2007

We took a small boat on the Mekong Delta. While we were slowly pushing down the river (it was raining heavily), we passed a boat going the opposite direction with hundreds of pineapples stacked on top. This woman and her son (grandson?) lifted up their tarp to wave at us as our boats passed.

“Musical chairs,” 2007

Small wooden chairs in a temple in Hoi An, Vietnam. Lined up perfectly; immaculate.

“Napping yellow,” 2007

A woman selling bananas taking an afternoon nap among her goods.

“Leaf spine,” 2007

“Angkor Wat,” 2007

One of the famous faces of Angkor Wat.

“Untitled #1,” 2007

Lettuce in the marketplace. All the produce was fresh and light.

“Attentive,” 2007

I loved this man’s beard. I was wandering around a temple in Ho Chi Minh City and spotted him hanging around outside, occasionally chatting to other elderly men but mostly just standing. He spoke a little English; when I told him I’m American, he exclaimed “George Bush!” and we had a broken and brief conversation about politics.

“Motoring down the yellow road,” 2007

Everyone in Vietnam rode a motorcycle– young teenagers, old, matronly women– you name it. The buzzing noises that the bikes made were constant. People rode in swarms, packs. Much of what I learned in Vietnam was how to cross a street without getting run down by a person on a bike.

“Bags, waiting,” 2007

Plastic bags attached to a closed storefront in the marketplace. Waiting for someone or abandoned.

“Untitled #2,” 2007

Empty bowls in the marketplace, evidently well-used.

“Mary in blue,” 2007

The churches we saw in Vietnam were different from churches that I’ve seen anywhere else. They used neon lights to strategically illuminate statues of saints and various holy people. I think the neon halo is an especially nice touch.

“Woman in green,” 2007

This woman sold fish in a market in Vietnam. She would take the live fish from a bucket of water and kill and gut it in front of the consumer.

“Sea shutters,” 2007

Vietnam has been colonized so many times by such a diverse group of countries that outside influences can be seen in everything ranging from the food to the shutters on the doors, as shown in this photo.

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July 3, 2008 at 6:33 am

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GHANA, 2006

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“Girl with the Golden Gun,” 2006

These kids are elementary school students who attended the school that the group I traveled with helped renovate. The school was in a rural village in central Ghana called Gomoa Achiase. The entire village knew we were there and everyone was grateful and gracious to us. The last day of our 10-day stay, the teachers at the school had a class perform a sort of military exercise they had learned as a show of thanks to us. It was a sticky June day and in addition to having to march in black clothes, the grass the children marched in was infested with red ants.

“Medicine Man,” 2006

I met this man on a trip to Ghana during the summer of 2006. He is a medicine man and we had agreed to pay him to show us around the surrounding woods, to demonstrate which herbs he used and what he did with them. He showed up a couple hours after our meeting time, confused. Language proved to be a barrier– he spoke little English and we spoke very elementary Fanti. He somehow communicated to us that he was hungry. We gave him extra saltine crackers and he walked away, barefoot.

“Next Door Neighbor,” 2006

I went on a weekend trip with my 28-year-old host sister, Fati, to her apartment near the Ivory Coast. She owned what she described as an internet cafe; I was surprised when I realized upon arrival that there were, in fact, no computers. I believe they were being fixed. She sold greeting cards on the side, to pay for rent. This window is the window of an elderly woman who lived in Fati’s compound.

“Through the Alley,” 2006

A neighborhood near the Ivory Coast.

“Foster,” 2006

A boy named Foster who attended the school at which we volunteered.

“Blue,” 2006

A plastic bucket outside a batik shop run solely by women. Somewhere along the coast.

“Lazy Canoes,” 2006

“Girl and the Trees,” 2006

“Handwashed,” 2006

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